Meet the women who are DESPERATE for the love of a crossdresser.

27th June 2022

There are millions of single women who cry themselves to sleep craving for the love of someone as lovely as you. Your days of being single and lonely are now numbered. This will be the best £9.99 you ever invest in yourself.

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Dear Cross Dresser who is longing for a wife who loves your dressing.

You got it right. There are millions of single women who cry themselves to sleep craving for the love of someone as lovely as you. Finding them will take an investment of £9.99. So I know what you are asking.

Who are these women? Why haven't you found one? What have you been doing wrong? When will I meet one? How do I approach them? Where are they?

These are all questions you are thinking right now. However, the solution will take an investment of £9.99.

Read on and I'll tell you more.

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Are you a cross dresser looking for miss right?
  • Do you want to look stunningly gorgeous?
  • Do you want to go out dressed as a woman?
  • Do you want a wife who shares in your amazing hobby?
  • Do you want her to take part in certain night time recreational activities with you whilst you both wear lingerie?
    • There is one group of women who long a CD like you. We have a deep secret like yours which is so taboo it is rarely discussed. It's legal and harmless- just like being a CD but it plays havoc with our relationships, just like being a CD does. However, I personally know some who are married who would divorce their husbands tomorrow if they could find a CD boyfriend.

      My name is Penny Bond - I am a genetic girl married to a cross dresser. I am one of these women. I was single for 5 years before I found my cross dressing husband.

      Let's consider how they are categorized and their desires.

      • Some of us are eternally single- they never find a partner.
      • Most of us have a partner who has no idea of their secret and if he found out he'd probably divorce us. We’d leave our husbands tomorrow if we could find a loving cross dressing partner.
      • Some of us have a partner who knows but doesn't want to know and never wants to discuss it.
      • Lastly, a very small minority of us have a husband who shares in it with the better half and takes an active role.
        • We never tell our partners because we fear they’ll leave us if they find out.

          Our desires.

          • We all want to look gorgeous.
          • We want to go out socially and be ourselves.
          • We want a male partner who not only tolerates our secret but shares in it with us.
          • We’d love to go on night out with our boyfriend with him fully cross dressed looking like a stunningly convincing woman.
          • We'd like nothing more than a romantic night in bed with our husbands dressed as a woman.

          Does this sound familiar?

          Well you can thank my cousin for this. He is a doctor and did a long term study into this subject. This is the only study that has ever been done on this.

          We make up something like 10-15% of all women and we are just as lonely as CDs. All this research was carried out by a doctor whose research led to the legendary book How to find miss perfect a guide for cross dressers. This is the only book that caters specifically for the needs of cross dressers. You'll find it so useful you'll kick yourself in that you didn't get it sooner.

          What you will learn from our book?

          • Who are the women who long for cross dressers?
          • Why they are up at night crying themselves to sleep with loneliness.
          • What they long for.
          • How they are similar to you.
          • Where to find them.
          • How to approach them.

          Consider these cases you’ll read about.

          Anita's story

          When you read the book you'll read Anita's story. It was her birthday. Her boyfriend said they could do anything she wanted on her birthday. She took him upstairs blindfolded him, put lingerie on him. I don't need to tell you what happened. On removing the blindfold he hit her so hard he put her in hospital. When you read the book you’ll see that there are millions like her.

          Yvonne's story.

          You'll read Yvonne's story - a married woman- who is so lonely living in a loveless marriage who would divorce her husband at the drop of a hat if she could find a loving cross dresser boyfriend. When you read the book you’ll see that there are millions like her.

          Consider these reviews.

          My name is Brittany I am single looking for a special woman and I have been searching for her for a few years. It was sometimes hard trying to find her but after reading your book I have been more relaxed about it and I will find her and definitely worth the money" Brittany from facebook.

          "An eye opener, showed me that I was searching in all the wrong places for an accepting partner. The proverbial haystack will hopefully become smaller with these tips. Buy it, well worth a read." Chantelle Collins facebook

          "I can see after reading the book no CD needs to be single.. I bought it out purely out of interest & to see if it reflected my own experiences. I had no reservations about buying it. It's Worth the money & more to find your soul mate.I would recommend it without hesitation!!! Go for it, you won't regret it. Just to state, I did not make this post for any personal gain. But purely to help to motivate others find that special someone xx" Lesley Ann Smith.

          "I don’t read a lot of non-fiction self-help books, but when Penny Bond offered me a copy of How to find Miss Perfect: A Guide for Cross Dressers for review, I immediately fell in love with the idea. This is neither a how-to book on cross dressing, nor a work of personal affirmation that tries to convince the reader that cross dressing is healthy and acceptable. Instead, it’s a book that makes that assumption, and sets out to demonstrate that we can indeed find love not in spite of our cross dressing, but because of it.

          "As somebody who has lived what Penny is writing, and who is fortunate to have a wife who not only accepts my feminine side, but who actively engages ‘Sally’ to come out and play, I loved the approach. What makes this such an exciting book is that it’s written not by a cross dresser, but by a wife who loves one.

          "There are some studies and background details that Penny discusses, and some common questions that often arise when a spouse comes out as a cross dresser, but most of the book consists of real accounts of happy, healthy, loving relationships between cross dressers and their wives. It really is a positive, uplifting, happy read that offers hope (and some dating advice) for even the loneliest of our sisters. Just lovely! Sally from Bending the bookshelf

          My promise to you

          If you buy this book I promise you that you’ll quickly see you’ve been doing the wrong things, you will see you’ve been looking in the wrong places and you’ll also realise that no CD ever needs to be single. I promise you that you will see that there are hundreds of millions of women longing for the love of a CD.

          Legal disclaimer

          This book is only designed for people who are willing to take action. Women who love cross dressers will not flock to you like flies to honey just on reading it. You have to make the effort to find such ladies. You have to be willing to treat them like goddesses from the moment you meet them. When you do get married I expect you to fulfil your marriage vows, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part.

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