Buy your raffle tickets to win £1000 a month in living expenses for your first year at university.

27th June 2022

Please fill in the button below to enter the draw to win £1000 per month towards your living expenses for your first year.

The draw will take place on 3rd September 2019. If you win you will be required to show confirmation of your university place and proof that you have not applied at any stage to the Universities of Sheffield, Glasgow, Exeter, Liverpool or Birmingham.

Now you MUST keep the receipt that you get emailed to you. We need your postal address to inform you that you have won.

There are runners up prizes of £1000 and £500.

Once you have paid you will be diverted to a form where you opt into one of my company mailing lists. Please note this is mandatory and if you unsubscribe at any stage your entry is disqualified. Besides how am I going to remind you to submit your proof that you haven’t applied to the Universities of Sheffield, Nottingham, Exeter, Liverpool or Birmingham?

Raffle entry to win £1000 a month towards your university living

If you have applied to any of these institutions then you will be immediately disqualified and any funds you have received will be recovered by legal means. Sorry to put those terms in.