Are you a professional driver? Do you want to save on your petrol and diesel?

Watch this video to see how this business owner saved £10,000 on his fuel in one year.

A 60ml bottle for £35 will give you about £85 of savings on your fuel over 6 tanks. A 120 ml bottle for £49.99 will give you about £125 of savings.

    If you are worried about the additive damaging your vehicle then don't.

This additive has been used safely in the USA for 20 years with no damage. If you look at this link you'll see that we have US $4million insurance policy that protects your vehicle against damage. In 20 years of trading nobody has ever claimed. It is also illegal to invalidate a warranty because of such additives.

Assuming you've watched the video you need to do two things.

Firstly download the instructions from  this link by right clicking here.

Then go to get the additive. Now for the first time you buy the additive I would strongly recommend you get a spout for £2.84 (it's called an extender in the USA!)