Limited special offer

I have some bundles of a 60ml bottle of XFT fuel additive plus a spout for £30.00 including shipping. It used to cost you £35.00 plus shipping. These will go very quickly and I have limited them to 3 bottles per person. If used correctly in accordance with the instructions I send you then each bottle will save you around £90 over 6 tanks at the pump. The additive works on both petrol and diesel vehicles. This is only for people in the UK. This is how you will benefit.



    • Increased fuel economy
    • Reduced harmful emissions
    • Increased horsepower
    • Reduced service costs

    If you click on each video you have the option to play in full screen. However do not watch whilst driving or doing anything that could be dangerous.


    Although a highly biased example consider my brother in law. He commutes from Manchester to Leeds every day. He used to fill up three times per week spending £60 each time. He now fills up once a week.

    The worst example was a courier who used to fill up twice a week for £80 a time. He used to get 350 miles a tank. He then bought a £40 bottle of XFT and got 400 miles a tank saving £80 a month. He cancelled because he was only saving £40 per month!!!!

    XFT plus spout


    What is stopping you buying some?