Do you want to save on your petrol and diesel?

Scroll down to find out more. before the timer runs out. Opec have cut oil production by 10% and its only a matter of time before fuel prices go up.

In Winter 2015 petrol was about 90p per litre. Now its about £1,10 per litre.

It will get worse.

The oil producing countries have cut oil production- see Oil price surges as Opec and non-Opec members agree deal to cut output

The Germans want a EU wide fuel tax increase to pay for the cost of the migrants see Tax PETROL to pay for immigrants: German finance minister proposes Europe-wide levy on fuel to help countries cope with the cost of migration

The government have to raise £41 billion to pay for Brexit-see The EU is demanding Britain pay a £49 billion Brexit bill. A fuel tax rise is on the cards.

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For example. Never fill your car up on a hot summers day. The sunlight heats the ground, which in turn heats the fuel below ground which expands. You are filling up with hotter fuel and when it cools down and contracts the fuel gauge goes down.

This is why frequently you'll fill up in the daytime and then the following day, after driving a minimal distance the fuel level goes down considerably. Fill up at night


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