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27th June 2022

This is a programme for women like you designed by women like you. After your 10 day no obligation trial, the programme works out at just £2 per day, or even less if you go with the 12 month contract option.

  • £60 per month/£2 per day on a month by month contract
  • £40 per month/£1.33 per day on the 12 month contract.
Just by filling in the form below you get a FREE gift.

We live stream fitness classes across the internet from our studio into your living rooms. These are not recordings – they are live. This eliminates all problems of childcare, time, weather, fear of going to the gym and cost.

Childcare is, and always has been, the number one reason many mums cannot exercise. We are very aware that for most mums get up in the morning, get the kids ready for school, do the school run, do your day job, get the children from school and look after the family in the evening. The only time you can exercise is either before the little ones wake up or go in the evening. You could go to a 24 hour gym when the kids are in bed but that’s not very convenient. There is an issue of safety too- I used to work in a 24 hour gym and I am speaking from experience!

I have lost count of the number of people I have had to ban from my fitness classes for making fun of the overweight. It can be super scary to go to a fitness class if you have a few extra pounds and you are standing next to a size 8 lycra clad gym bunny. Here nobody watches you- even I can’t see you! However included in the price is free access to our ladies only nude fitness classes (no joke!) Please note men are not allowed to come to the ladies only nude fitness classes.

The classes take place at 9pm UK time when those under 11 years old will be in bed. By that time its cooler, and the working day has ended too. You work out in the comfort and safety of your living room – knowing your kids are safely tucked up in bed. After your exercise, you’ll get a really good night’s sleep and wake up feeling energized in the morning. Simply join the programme and you’ll be given a free copy of 7 ways to lose weight without a personal trainer.

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll have more energy, not less.
  • You’ll feel great, look great and you’ll lose weight.Your health will improve. You’ll sleep better and wake up with more energy. You will feel less stressed.You’ll be leaner and more toned.
  • You’ll feel MUCH more confident and people will notice.
  • Feel great for just:
    • £60 per month/£2 per day on a month by month contract.
    • £40 per month/£1.33 per day on the 12 month contract.

    So what are you waiting for? If you have any questions please go to this form and contact me

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