Medical student societies! Please look at this and end your funding issues.

Watch the videos and then scroll down to find out more. You may be male but at some stage you will want to be a parent so watch the videos.

Now watch the 15 minute video below. Best thing to save time is to listen into this video whilst you are driving on the way home (don't watch it as it's dangerous) or listen in whilst you are on the bus on train on the way home.

So you've read 100 or so ways to make your life as a junior doctor easier you know that medical students can graduate with huge debts. You have read the chapter on the ultimate consumable.

Your job as a medical student society is to join, then get all the students in your student body to join. You get a percentage of their bill spend on gas, electricity, phone, mobile phone for life so long as they stay with that company. Then as your 1st year students move out of halls of residence into private accommodation they join, you get a percentage on their bills and every year your income rises.

Your data is 100% safe and won't be passed onto anybody.

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