The Ultimate consumable with John and Florence

What is the ultimate consumable

Is it food? No.

Well food is a consumable and we need it to live.

However, although it’s not very nice, you can go without food (but that is not advisable.)

Ask yourself this question.

  • Have you turned on an electric light today?
  • Have you turned on your cooker
  • Have you had a shower?
  • Was the water hot?
  • Have you sent a text message?
  • Have you used the phone?
  • Have you used the internet?

The ultimate consumable is utilities such as gas, electric, phone, mobile phone and broadband. Now you can get people into this and earn a bit from their bills.

Simply watch the two videos below and then fill in the form below.

Now watch the 15 minute video below. Best thing to save time is to listen into this video whilst you are driving on the way home (don't watch it as it's dangerous) or listen in whilst you are on the bus on train on the way home. This man was once US $4 million (£2.8 million) in debt and is now a multi millionaire.

I have a range of options to help you on your way to become a full time mother.

You invest a sum of £90-500. (Hint join for £90 and then upgrade out of commissions using other people's money.) Don't let the lack of money for the initial investment put you off!!!! You work for 30-60 minutes a day unpaid using a tried and tested system. All training is given, we just fine tune skills you already possess and use every day with expert fashion.

This will go a LONG way to paying off your undergraduate debts. The best way to promote the product is to have a chat with a potential customer, text them a youtube video of the product and ask them to LISTEN to it it whilst driving on the way home. (Watching a video and driving at the same time is very dangerous!) Then when your prospect gets home give them a quick call and if they like it get them to sign up as a customer!

To really explode your business get your prospect on John's 9pm online showing.

By the time your kids get to school you'll be in a position to get your kids ready for school, take them to school, work in between school runs from home, potentially earn more part time than any partner does full time, get the kids from school and be a full time parent in the evening.

Your data is 100% safe and won't be passed onto anybody. Please click on this link and John or Florence will get in touch.

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