Step up the campaign to get clear labelling for Halal and Kosher certified items.

27th June 2022

Thank you very much for signing the form to ask the UK government for clear labelling for Halal and Kosher certified items.Now can you take it one step further? It will only take a few minutes.

I don't think we'll ever get a ban on Halal and Kosher like there is in certain parts of the world. However by getting a clear label then we can make an informed choice. I am 2nd generation Indian Hindu (not practicing) and it is forbidden for a Sikh or a Hindu to consume any halal or kosher certified item. I am also a vegetarian and sometimes I have felt physically sick when I have found out I've consumed a product that is Halal or Kosher certified without my knowing.

Please take action.

Boycotting companies who are openly certified by the Halal food authority

Please click this link to be diverted to a form where you can tell those companies certified by the Halal food authority that you won't buy from them anymore.

Get an updated list every month of those companies who are Halal and Kosher certified.

Please go to the boycott list page to sign up to this monthly mailing..

Ban welfare payments to polygamous families

I am the son of an immigrant. I have no problem with any immigrant of any race, relgion, ethnicity, colour or creed so long as they fulfill certain criteria.

  • They come here legally.
  • They give a legally binding undertaking to respect UK law.
  • They respect UK culture.
  • They make a pledge of allegiance to the Queen.
  • They positively contribute to the UK

Consider my Dad- the world's most devout Hindu. He came to the UK in 1969 with £5 in his pocket. The following day he started work in a pre-arranged job at a hospital. He went onto become a family doctor. At any one time he employed 10-15 people and over his working life gave the taxman some £2 million. I have yet to meet anyone who objects to such immigrants.

However there are some immigrants who do not work, who have multiple wives and in some cases over 10 children all funded by the state. Compare that to the millions of law abiding couples with one husband and one wife who are struggling to make ends meet.

Click here to send an email to the UK government demanding an end to welfare payments for polygamous families.

A very personal petition for me

You may have seen from the press that Tommy Robinson has been freed on bail pending a re-trial following his appearance at the Court of Appeal. There was a clear miscarriage of justice.

I really felt for him. I had a very similar thing happen to me. The only good thing was that I was never imprisoned.

You may have seen In the Name of the Father and viewed the scene at the end where it emerged that the police had knowingly and deliberately withheld evidence that, if disclosed to the defence, would have resulted in them being cleared. The same happened to me.

Please click here to demand that those who framed me be brought to justice.

Donate to the campaign

This campaign is not cheap. Please go this link and get a copy of 100 or so ways to lose weight without going to the gym and my cook book stirred but not shaken for £1 and that will go a LONG way to paying for the hosting of this website, the hosting of the forms etc.