Thank you for filling in the protest form to ban welfare payments to polygamous families. Now do something more about it. Help our own families earn more so we can take home as much as they do.


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27th June 2022

Up and down the UK there are millions of hard working law abiding, tax paying couples with one husband and one wife who married legally according to UK law. Many are struggling to make ends meet. However we are giving benefits to polygamous families who marry illegally and some break the law with impunity. Some have never paid taxes in the UK. Furthermore some of these who don’t respect our culture can claim more in benefit than some people earn.

Minimum wage is £7.83 per hour for those over 25. Let’s assume you work for 40 hours per week. That equates to £313.20 per week. After tax and national insurance that comes to £274.38 per week.

Childcare per child is £45 per child per day=£225 per week so a mother who went back to work takes home £49.38 per week= £1.23 per hour.

Is it any wonder a lot of mothers can’t afford to go back to work? You are better off being on state benefit!However such a mother would at best be able to get £136.90 per week in universal credit, assuming she owns her property outright with no mortgage or rent to pay.

It’s not a lot to live on. All too often the father has to take on a 2nd job to make ends meet but in doing so he risks missing the children growing up. That to me is worse than going to jail.

Worse still let’s assume you didn’t have kids. Rents are about £100 per week. Council tax is about another £40 per week and bills are about £35 per week. With such a little amount to live on, you have practically nothing to put into a pension.

If you are lucky your wages go up by 2% a year. Inflation is currently 3% so your wages are worth less and less.

It’s worse if you are on a zero hour contract where you only find out on Monday if they have any work for you. If things continue it’s possible that you could retire on the state pension of £113 per week- about 40% of what you are struggling to survive on now. Why do you think so many pensioners are working in supermarkets.

What is the answer?

One word- leverage- multiple sources of income.

I do a live online presentation every Wednesday night at 10 pm UK time. All you do is turn up in front of your PC. Now you are probably asking why do I do the presentation at that time of night?

Well there are several reasons.

  • The young kids should be in bed by then. (I say should because when I was a kid I was very rebellious on that front.)
  • The working day is over.
  • It's cooler then. However there is one other HUGE reason.
  • Commitment.

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