Please fill in the form to register for the "Do you want to be a full time mother" presentation. It's every Wednesday night at 10pm- when the kids are in bed.

27th June 2022

Thank you for asking about how to become a full time mother. (Or father!)

I do a live online presentation every Wednesday night at 10pm UK time. All you do is turn up in front of your PC. Now you are probably asking why do I do the presentation at that time of night?

Well there are several reasons.

  • The young kids should be in bed by then. (I say should because when I was a kid I was very rebellious on that front.)
  • The working day is over.
  • It's cooler then. However there is one other HUGE reason.
  • Commitment.

So please fill in the form and register your interest. You'll be sent an invite to the next one with a reminder sent to you 24 hours and 1 hour in advance. If you can't see the submit button press CTRL and (+) a few times.

You will get an email called "Thank you so much for joining our mailing list." Please click on the link in it and you'll be registered for the next live presentation.