Do you want to be a full time mother?

Would you like to be a full time mum on full time pay earning more part time from home, in between school runs than hubby does full time from work?

Would you like to take your kids to school, work from home, get the kids from school and then be a full time mum in the evening? If the answer is yes read below.

I have helped LOADS of mums do this.

27th June 2022

Minimum wage is around £7.83 per hour for those over 25.Let’s assume you work for 40 hours per week. That equates to £313.20 per week. After taxes and national insurance that comes to £274.38 per week. Childcare is £45 per child per day= £225 per week.Hence a mother who returned to work would take home £274.38-£225= £49,38 per week.

That works out at £1.23 per hour over a 40 hour week. This is why many mothers can't afford to go to work. Wage rises are 1%. Inflation is around 3%. Your wages are worth less and less.

What is the answer?

Multiple streams of income.

Don't tell me you haven't got the time. Are you telling me you can't ask people 3 questions? Are you telling me you can't text them a youtube link? Are you telling me you can't ask them to listen in to a video that does all the work for you whilst driving on the way home or watch on the bus home? Are you telling me you can't call them afterwards and get them ready to come on board? (On such a call you can get your supervisor to help.)

OR you just get them on my live showings I do on Sunday- Thursday at 10pm at night and i do the rest. By that time the under 11 year old kids are in bed.

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