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Dear Fellow fitness trainer,

My name is James Bond- no joke-like you I am a fitness trainer. I specialise in young women, post-natal women (hence the name of the website!) and those who are so overweight they are considering weight loss surgery.

I know what its like to suffer the financial rollercoaster nature of our industry. Its great when all your clients pay you for 10 sessions up front. It’s awful in August when everyone goes on holiday and you have no money. It’s worse at Christmas when nobody is training, everyone is partying, the big winter bills and it’s the most expensive time of year but you have no money coming in. Many fitness professionals either take 2nd jobs, go from their gym's rental scheme to going on hours or worse still they leave the profession altogether. If you are on the rental programme then you are that much more vulnerable.

I have seen too many brilliant fitness trainers leave the profession and I am out to put an end to it. It is my goal to multiply your take home pay by 20 fold within 2 years.

The difference between me and the big gurus out there is that I've been there and done it from rock bottom. Very few of them have been as broke as I was. In 2009 I was £250,000 in debt but within a few years I will be a millionaire. Very sadly in 2016 someone very dear and precious to me passed away and I found out the family business was running at a £200-400 per month loss. I've turned it around and I now own 7 properties which I rent out. I am well on my way to becoming a millionaire.

Most of these gurus charge extortionate amounts of money for their services which means you have no money to market yourself. Let's face it I know some gurus who charge £800 per month but many fitness professionals don't even pay themselves that much! I know many of you are on just above minimum wage take home pay.

To make my services more affordable I have made them into a monthly magazine for £9.99 per month taken by direct debit on the 1st of the month.

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