Have you heard? Energy prices are rising. Please don't worry. See how I cut my bills by £1116 over 12 months without changing supplier. You can too with simple to follow low cost and no cost energy saving measures, you'll be helping Ukrainian refugees and the homeless- all for £9.99 for our guide showing you how to do it!

27th June 2022

Why are you not giving this guide away for free? Why are you charging for it?

I can hear you asking that question.

Those people who pay for it are many times more likely to take action and implement what is taught. People who get it for free are highly unlikely to take action.

What will this guide teach me?

As well as how to cut your gas and electricity I am throwing in some bonuses.

  • How to avoid the Christmas debt trap. The Christmas debt trap causes untold poverty. My guide shows 4 ways on how to avoid this and will save you hundreds of pounds and untold stress.
  • A guide showing you how to cut your petrol and diesel expenses by 20% without spending any money

Media reports.

On Thursday 3rd February 2022 UK chancellor Rishi Sunak MP announced a grant to help people with the expected average rise of £693 per year in fuel bills (1.) Never a week goes by without something in social or mainstream media about the rise in fuel bills. Compare the government grant to how we can help you.

What I was paying in July 2020 the early lockdown.

During early lockdown in July 2020 my dual fuel monthly budget plan direct debit was £161.45 per month every month for 12 months. As can be seen from this email from my energy supplier.

I was, and still am, on a budget plan - that's where they estimate how much you are going to use and split it over 12 equal payments. it goes a long way to avoid high winter bills.

If you can't see the image then please right click here to see the proof

In October 2021 they lowered it to £68 per month without my changing of suppliers, contracts or tariffs.

I thought that was a bit high so being a part time energy broker I implemented loads of low cost and no cost energy efficiency measures. In October 2021 they lowered my monthly bill to £68 per month! That was a saving of £93 per month or £1116 per year! Had I been one of those hit by the £20 cut in universal credit I wouldn't have been affected. You can see the proof below.

In late 2021 Bluegreen Energy ceased trading and they moved me to British Gas. They put me on a direct debit of £166.93 per month as can be seen here. Bluegreen energy sent me my final bill on 6th November 2021.

Was I worried? No. I just carried on with the same energy efficiency measures. On 18th February 2022 I logged into my online account and I was £250.11 in credit. This is at one of the coldest times of year. So if you think about it they've taken two payments of £166.93 i.e. £333.86. They had received a credit of £193.11 from Bluegreen energy so in total they had received £526.97. Despite that I am £250.11 in credit so I have only used £276.86 of energy from 6th November 2021 to 18th February 2022 - one of the coldest times of year.

The proof is below for all to see.

However on 26th February 2022 I logged into my account to find that I am £417.04 in credit.

Now as we go into spring and summer my use of gas and electricity will plummet and that credit will rocket.

There is no reason whatsoever why we all can't make such savings. So, if you want the guide showing how I did it click the button below and you'll get it emailed to you within a few minutes for the nominal sum of £9.99.

The long-term goal is not to make money out of this. The short-term goal is to end heat or eat so people can afford to do both- another £93 per month makes a big difference for people.

The long-term goal is to fund the following.

  • A few million pounds to help the Ukrainian refugees coming to the UK. I am the son of two legal immigrants from India. I have no problem whatsoever with a genuine refugee. Very recently my neighbour passed away. He had no dependent family. The first target is to buy the property and then hand it over the charities involved in the Ukranian refugee crisis to house some refugees.
  • A safe house in every town and city in the UK for victims of domestic abuse. I’ll give Refuge - the domestic abuse charity the money. During lockdown there has been a huge rise in what I call domestic financial terrorism. Is where the abuser says to a victim of domestic abuse "Go on leave me but how will you pay the bills?" The victim is powerless and for the sake of the children has to go back to the abuser.
  • A similar place like Centrepoint- in every town and city in the UK. Centrepoint is a shelter for the homeless.
  • To fund the Langar bill of every Sikh temple in the UK. Langar is a free gift of food given by Sikh temples as a gift from God to the community. It’s commonly taken up by the homeless. They do not expect anyone to convert to Sikhism for this.

Once you have bought a copy then within 2 days, you’ll be invited to join the affiliate program where you get £2 for each copy sold through your link. So, if you think about it if you get 5 of your friends to buy a copy through your link you have got your money back. Just make sure you have a paypal account! This only pays one level down.

Nobody will be happier than the minister for energy in your country if we all made such savings. It will save the huge inordinate expense of building more power stations which is more expensive than you can imagine.

Who are you?

My name is Bond, James Bond. I am the founder of the full time mother program.

How do I get this guide of yours?

Just click the button below.

Click here to get it for £9.99

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Now the case studies you will see are very exciting. We’re sharing them because it’s important for people to realize that others have actually accomplished the programmes created and to see it is possible.it seems today that everybody is trying to sell you something and make ridiculous claims that you can just press a few buttons and still make or save money. That is not how it works. These specific people worked very hard and were dedicated. Yes they followed the programme but it’s not 100% of WHY they succeeded. We do our best to ensure that everybody has a shot of making it but the truth is that like anything else in life there is a lot more involved than a step by step programme. These people are special in that they reached their goals but that doesn’t mean you will. We do our best to give you every asset we can to help you reach them but only you are responsible for your success which the programme or fail. We could just put “results not typical” here in really small text but we think it’s our job to make you understand that you reach your goals you will have to work hard, learn a lot and execute. We’re here to help and look forward to working with you.

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