In winter 2015 petrol and diesel were around 90p per litre. Now they are at least £1.10 per litre.

It will get worse.

Fuel prices WILL to rise by at least 20p per litre over the next few months regardless of the November 2017 budget. The new Arab Crown Prince anti corruption drive has sent oil prices to new heights.  If you read below there are 6 other reasons why fuel prices will rise.

Don't let it affect you. XFT fuel additive gives around 10-30% more miles per gallon.  A 60 ml bottle costing £35 will give you around £85 of savings over 6 tanks at the pump.

Very recently Johnny from North Street Couriers Sheffield bought some. He normally spends £300 a week in fuel. He's now getting an extra 100 miles per tank!

A young lady called Judith told me " Every so often I have to travel from Ormskirk to Glasgow to see my family. It usually takes me two tanks of diesel. Now I can go there and back for one and a half tanks, saving me £30 in fuel each time."

Four simple steps.

Step 1. Take a 6 minutes to watch these videos. See how Scott Martinhull of Spot on Cabs in St.Austell saved over £10,000 in fuel costs.

Put more money in your piggy bank and bring home the bacon

If you click on each video you have the option to play in full screen. However do not watch whilst driving or doing anything that could be dangerous.


Although a highly biased example consider my brother in law. He commutes from Manchester to Leeds every day. He used to fill up three times per week spending £60 each time. He now fills up once a week.

Step 2

Right click and download the instructions for XFT fuel additive and 7 top tips to cut your fuel use.

Step 3 consider why fuel prices will go up

1. President Trump has issued a very controversial executive order. People from 7 countries are banned from coming to the USA. In retaliation, the Arab OPEC oil-producing countries cut oil production raising prices. See Opec oil producers poised to extend production cuts They haven’t openly said it was because of the ban but we all know it was in retaliation.

2. The non-OPEC countries followed suit- see Non-OPEC Countries Join Deal to Cut Oil Production

3. The UK government has to raise £88 billion for Brexit. Where will the money come from? Fuel duty is an obvious target - see What is the Brexit bill? How much could the EU Brexit divorce bill cost UK taxpayers?

4. German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants an EU wide fuel tax rise to pay for the cost of the migrants- see Germany plots tax on BRITISH motorists to cover growing bill for its 1.1 million migrants.

5. London mayor Sadiq Khan wants a rise in taxes for more polluting vehicles. XFT reduces emissions of harmful gases. See London to introduce £10 vehicle pollution charge, says Sadiq Khan

6. Due to Hurricaine Harvey a lot of oil refineries in the USA are shutting down temporarily raising costs see- Petrol costs set to soar in UK after Hurricane Harvey

Step 4: Get some additive

Before you buy I bet you are worried about damaging your vehicle then please do not be alarmed. This additive has been used safely in the USA for 20 years with no damage. If you look at the instructions for XFT fuel additive and 7 top tips to cut your fuel use. you'll see that we have US $4million insurance policy that protects your vehicle against damage. In 20 years of trading nobody has ever claimed. It is also illegal to invalidate a warranty because of such additives.

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Regards James Bond