Send an email to these companies which openly admit to halal certification saying you won't buy from them again.

27th June 2022

Please fill in this form to tell all those companies featured on the Halal Food Authority (HFA) website that you won't buy from them anymore until they stop using Halal.

I am assuming that you've come from the previous page demanding that the British Government clearly label all Halal and Kosher certified products If not go to that site, fill in the form and then come back here.

Sadly you’ll have to put your name,email on the from. They will not take your protest as seriously otherwise. Your data is kept super safe according to our privacy policyand the General Data Protection Regulations.

Once you have filled in this form you'll be diverted to a page where you can sign up to an email list where once a month you get a list of those companies openly admitting to Halal certification. You will be emailed a copy of your protest with a code to share this protest to social media to make the impact stronger.

Before you fill in the form. Please share to social media.

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